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The Importance of Music for Stimulating Memory, Creativity, & Mood

Music has long been celebrated for its ability to influence and alter our mood. But our relationship with music goes beyond that. The sound waves which make up music can also profoundly impact processes of learning and memory, as well as assisting in the development of critical thinking skills. 

As one might suspect, music is more than just a way to have fun — it can actually help us develop cognitive abilities, shape how we feel throughout the day, and enhance our memory through sound. Today, we are going to discuss specifically how music stimulates the mind. Let’s dive in! 

The Magic of Music: How Music Stimulates the Mind

Music is something we hear every day. It can be playing in the background of a movie, on the radio, or as you’re walking down the street. Music is everywhere and it has an effect on us whether we realize it or not. It can bring back memories, keep us focused on the task at hand, and even help us relax. The wonderful thing about music is that everyone perceives it differently and everyone uses it differently. That is what makes music magical. Here are some of the other reasons to why music is pure magic.

Music Stimulates Memory

Music has an impact on your mood, and it can create emotion-filled memories from the past. Perhaps you recall a period in your life where a particular song was popular. You may have feelings of nostalgia each time you hear that song again. Music may also bring back fond memories from parties, family gatherings, or holidays. All in all, music can help you uncover some of the micro-memories you may have thought to have forgotten. 

Music Enhances Creativity

Music can enhance your creative processes. Have you ever tried to create a piece of art or write from your heart without music in the background? Did you find it difficult to get into a flow? That’s because music is a natural creative tool that can help many get into a creative groove with — whatever your craft may be. Music can help us break free from the restrictions of logic and reason, which in turn allows our minds to make unexpected connections between different concepts and ideas.

Music Affects Your Mood

Music can also change your emotions without you realizing it. The right tune can give you a rush of energy when you’re exhausted and can put you in a blissful mood when you’re feeling sad. 

Resource: Check out Oliver Sak’s book “Musicophilia: Tales of Music and the Brain” to learn more about music and its affect on our brain!

Stimulate the Mind with Music

Music is a hugely important part of the human experience. From boosting our mood to helping out with our creative workflow to uncovering  memories you thought to have forgotten, music is the driving force that transforms our life. 

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