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Stay Flexible: Overcoming Orthostatic Tension with Body IQ® Sensi-Fit Tools

Feeling stiff after a long day at your desk? You might be experiencing what we call ‘orthostatic tension’—that sensation of stiffness that accumulates in your joints and creates a sense of pressure in your muscles after sitting still for too long. But fear not, Body IQ® Sensi-Fit Tools are specifically crafted to help you manage this tension. Discover the freedom of movement with our adaptive tools designed to keep you flexible and focused, available at

Understanding Orthostatic Tension

Orthostatic tension is the physical stress we feel after being in one position for an extended period. It’s like your body’s way of saying it needs a change of scenery. The tension can settle in your joints as stiffness, and the pressure can build up in your muscles, making you feel less than your best. While intermittent stretching may also help. Our tools can provide an immediate solution for you while seated and long after.

Body IQ® Sensi-Fit Tools are your key to unlocking a more active and tension-free workday. These innovative products encourage movement and help alleviate the symptoms of orthostatic tension, supporting you to stay limber and energized.

Deep Dive into Sensi-Fit Tools Solutions

Let’s take a closer look at each Body IQ® Sensi-Fit Tool and its benefits:

Stay Dynamic with the Body IQ® Fit Disc – Counteract joint stiffness with the Fit Disc. Its design encourages constant micro-movements, ensuring that your sitting time is active and your joints stay mobile.

Up Your Game with Body IQ® Foot Shapers – The Foot Shapers allow you to stretch and strengthen your feet right at your desk and after, promoting circulation and reducing tension.

Roll Away Tension with the Body IQ® Small Ball Kit – Tackle muscle pressure head-on with the Small Ball Kit. It’s perfect for targeted self-massage, helping to ease tension and keep you feeling nimble.

Body IQ Sensi-Fit Education – With the Body IQ Sensi-Fit program, you’ll learn the best ways to use your Sensi-Fit Tools to reduce orthostatic tension and boost your overall wellness.

Practical Tips for Integrating Sensi-Fit Tools into Your Routine

  • Make the most of your breaks by incorporating simple stretches and movements that keep orthostatic tension at bay.
  • Arrange your workspace to include your Sensi-Fit Tools so they are always within reach, making it easier to weave movement into your sitting routine.

Orthostatic tension is a common issue, but it’s one that you can manage with the right tools and techniques. Body IQ® Sensi-Fit Tools are here to guide you towards a more active, tension-free work experience. Embrace the change at and take the first step towards a more comfortable and productive day.