Food is energy. It is the fuel that sustains us.  Food fuels the very thoughts you awake with in the morning and those you put to bed with you at night.  Sustainable living requires us to develop the awareness that food is like medicine.  Feeding yourself requires sensitivity to your body need and response to what you feed it.

Feeding ourselves is a very personal journey, one that is life long.  The journey has twists and turns, hills and valleys and shifts based on changes in aging, activity levels and stress.

Our relationship to food is complex. It is essential to explore this relationship from time to time in order to maintain optimal health.

How, When and What you feed yourself creates has the ability to effect you mind, body & spirit.  

The types of food we choose to feed our selves literally creates the thoughts we keep, the energetic connection we create with others  and our consciousness around sustainability and conservation.

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