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EXERCISE IS MEDICINEExercise of your physical body is the most  powerful tool for shaping and crystalizing your capacity to thrive, mind, body & spirit.  Exercise that is regular, patterned and sustained over a duration of a minimum of 30 minutes, has the power to shape your biology and give you unlimited health potential. Our role is to create a program for you that provides you with the tools to help you achieve success and guide you in your journey to creating a healthier you.

Your physical body is a  matirx of dense connective tissue, which functions like a superhighway to move energy daily throughout your body via muscles, bones and organ tissue. Your energetic body which is partly made up of the nervous system, your blood system, and glandular systems are the systems that carry essential nutrients which allow you to maintain optimal health. The physical body has very predictable characteristics. However, the energetic bodies, the systems that are actually responsible for producing energy, are less so and have a myriad of subtle functions that science is still striving to understand.

YOUR BODY IS YOUR EARTH, YOUR PERSONAL TERRAIN  You have a whole universe inside of you that makes up you. Exercise is a tool for helping  you to explore the power of that universe. 

ANTI-AGING EFFECTS OF EXERCISE – Our ability to move freely is influenced by the forces of nature (one is gravity) all around us. Our bodies self regulate 24/7. We adapt to our environments without us ever having to know the  how’s, when’s and why’s.  The process of self regulations becomes more complicated and difficult as we age.  This is why exercise is so important. Small bouts of daily rigorous exercise has the power to affect positive change, strengthen and shape your body’s physical ability to withstand physical stress. Daily exercise that is rigorous and sustained enhances energy production so that you can adapt better to stressors of daily life and aging. Your heart (blood system and lungs), digestive system and kidneys are the energy systems that define the quality of energy you experience on a day-to-day basis.

HEALTHY BRAIN FUNCTION depends on optimal function of your vital organs for fuel.  Regular exercise moves energy and refines your body’s ability to process energy each time you exercise.  Its like revving up the engine so all the fluids can flow and function optimally to prevent dysfunction and disease.


Some Energetics of motion…We are interconnected by a myriad of energetic fields that govern our planet i.e…gravity.  When we choose to reach out with our physical body into the space around us, gesture creates an energetic pattern or connectivity or a body conversation.  Purposeful movement creates a dialogue that shapes you over time.  Thinking about it like this makes us will help you become more conscious about how your use your body.  Ergonomics and posture are of real importance as we age. Good body mechanics helps with injury prevention. While exercise is really important, how you exercise and which forms of exercise you choose are critical to your success. What you do with your body, how you move it, feed it, what thoughts you keep, matters. 

We are in a constant state of flow and change from the inside out.  Exercise or patterned, purposeful movement is a key component for shaping that process and the level of physical and mental health we are able to sustain.

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