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90 Minute Massage – Camp Hill, PA

Are you looking to relax and decompress after a long week at work? At the BODY IQ® Life Pilates Studio & Boutique, immerse yourself in our 90 minute massage experience right in downtown Camp Hill, PA.

Your massage specialist, Janine Galati Naccarato, focuses her work in mind-body education through mindful movement. Why is mindful movement important? Mindful movement speaks to the needs of body, mind, & spirit. Above all, her holistic approach and hands on skill set helps people discover and restore mind-body wellness.

About Janine Galati Naccarato

As a second generation Romana trained & certified Pilates Teacher,  Janine has spent the last 40 years honing her skills in the areas of movement & wellness. In addition to having certified wellness experience, she is also a wellness figure in the Camp Hill area. You can find her public profile on Facebook and Instagram where she answer both your health and wellness questions.

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Destress Through the Power of a Massage

If you are looking for the best place to destress, our studio is the place to go. Our 90 minute massage is part of our water program here at Body IQ.

What does water have to do with getting a massage?

Water has the power to wash away, transform, permeate, and cleanse. Because water is the universal fabric that links all things living on this planet, it is the bloodline of the earth and all its inhabitants. Thus, the power of water to create and destroy is limitless. (Its power to heal is natures gift.) At BODY IQ®, we recognize water for its spiritual power in life, birth, and death.

Just as water has the ability to flow, so does movement and physical touch. It is governed by similar properties. The strength of water has the ability  move energy, opening blockages, and jump starting our nervous system. Because of this, physical touch can result in physical recovery and reverse the effects of aging.

Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release, Myofascial Stretching, as well as, Cranial-Sacral Therapy are wonderful options for you to explore. These therapeutic massage modalities will help you detoxify your tissue and revive bodily fluid flow. Ready to get started? Sign-up for your 90-minute session today!