You are currently viewing Part II : Embracing Body Intelligence or Body IQ® for a Thriving Whole Brain and Body Life

Part II : Embracing Body Intelligence or Body IQ® for a Thriving Whole Brain and Body Life

Harnessing Your Body IQ® for Productivity and Creativity

In the landscape of your daily life, both personal and professional, developing a regular mind body practice which stimulates sensory motor intelligence is essential for health brain function (neurogenesis) I have found the the use of adaptive tools such as Body IQ® Smart Tools is a quick, easy and fun way to engage my body in healthy movement while helping my brain function.
Your home or office space isn’t just a collection of furniture and gadgets; it’s a potential lab for productivity and creativity, waiting to be unlocked with the right approach.

Imagine this: instead of the usual rigid chair, there’s a Body IQ® Fit Disc from the Body IQ® Smart Tools to cushion your chair that prompts you to engage your core muscles, keeping you dynamic even when you’re static. Instead of a flat, lifeless work surface, an adaptive desk accessory invites your body to explore subtle movements, keeping your joints limber and your mind alert. These aren’t just physical changes—they’re investments in your working environment that pay dividends in the currency of ideas and energy.

By integrating Body IQ® Smart Tools into your daily routine, you’re setting the stage for a work experience that’s not only more comfortable but also more conducive to innovative thinking. The flexibility and motion these tools encourage lead to a flexible and dynamic mind. It’s a virtuous cycle where physical well-being sparks mental agility, leading to bursts of creativity and steady streams of productivity.

And let’s not forget the cumulative effect of this practice. Over time, as you continue to engage with your Body IQ® Smart Tools, you’re not just working smarter on a day-to-day basis; you’re cultivating a deeper reservoir of health and creative potential to draw from in the long term. Body IQ® Smart tools are fun to use and are portable and easy to pack up for travel. Go to to shop Smart Tools.