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The Focus on Foot & Ankle Health: Stretching and Strengthening Exercise

Physical activity is a key factor in keeping your older joints flexible and strong — this includes your ankles and feet! 

One secret that you might not hear too often is that there are actually stretching and strengthening exercises that are great for improving flexibility and strength in your ankles and feet. These exercises can improve blood circulation through these areas, which can help relieve some of the aches and pains that comes with age. Let’s dive into one of our favorite foot & ankle exercises of all time. 

The Importance of Ankle & Foot Exercises

Your foot strength plays an important role in keeping your body balanced (and so do your ankles). By keeping up with your foot & ankle strength, you will be able to continue doing the everyday life activities you love without compromising your balance. Here is one of my favorite stretches with a sensory ball!

Exercise with a Spiky Ball – Instructions

  1. Roll a small sensory ball (or the sensi stones) under your foot from front to back. (If you don’t have a sensory ball, you can get one at our online store!)
  2. You will want to add a good amount of pressure on each place on your foot for about 15 seconds each. 
  3. You will continue to do this only for a few minutes. (You want to be careful not to overwork your foot!)

You can watch this YouTube video for more guidance: Spikey Ball for Plantar Fasciitis – FootPoint Podiatry

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