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Exercise is Medicine

Throughout my entire life I have been an exerciser of one sort or another. Jogger, basketball, softball, cycler, runner, ballerina, rower, yoga, Pilates, tennis… I am a natural mover. My spirit literally comes to life when I am moving free with rigor. So much so, that when i am not moving, my brain gets stuck. Let me expand on that idea… My thinking process becomes crystalized the more I use my body as a tool to move energy, which seems to providing fuel for my brain.

If this sounds heady or woo-woo, I agree. But its has been my reality since my childhood. Kenetic activity provides me with the connectivity that my brain required for basic normal function. Motion inspires me and moves my energy to make it possible for me to move into stillness in order to read a book, write a paper and to have access my creativity. Its like an ongoing dialogue i have between my brain and my body that moves me towards wholeness. Who’s with me here…? Anyone?

Over my lifetime, I have learned to identify this dialogue or process as, my BODY IQ. And to me my definition of BODY IQ is our ability to put our thoughts into motion physically, impacts the our psychology, as well as impacts and moves the spirit.

Since becoming aware of this important brain-body connection or need, I wondered, who else has this particular requirement of movement need to fuel brain power? Was I alone in this? Or was this just my individual quirk related to a diagnosis I received at age 28, high functioning autism.

I have made learning about the mind-body connection a priority of my life’s work in one way or another by using Pilates, Yoga and other mind body movement forms as my chemistry lab. In my exploration, BODY IQ has become my trademark and BODY IQ Girl the icon for my discoveries.

My goal and my intention for myself and for others is to help define and refine the importance of movement/exercise, not just to improve the quality of life and overall wellness but to link us to our birthright — our innate intelligence and healthy brain function.

My original premise since my college days…
“Movement is thought in motion, BODY IQ is a measure or outcome of our innate ability (physical, psychological, spirit)to harness that process. A place from which higher thinking…articulated (actualized) thoughts can evolve’”

Pheeww! I have been saddled with this idea since my mid to late 20’s! While I have witnessed its truth and validity in helping develop and extend my own personal abilities to better overall function; and my students in my studio also have benefited from my observations and discoveries, as a writer, I have not been able to capture its importance in a way that makes people inspired or curious until now.

I would love to know your thoughts… As, I would like to interview anyone who has connection to this content for my upcoming book. email me at BODY IQ Girl


I love the freedom of using my body to interpret the space around me. It makes my skin and eyes come alive. I love moving through water, its smooth resistance gives rise to the internal workings of my heart and lungs and makes my brain feel free. Free from its captivity within my head, free from the strain of muscle, bone and organ. To feel deeply is both a blessing and a curse. It has been the journey and challenge my whole life.


I couldn’t keep still as a child. Thank god I was born before the popular notion of medicating children for what is now umbrelled as ADD, ADHD, and so forth. I was encouraged by both my parents to move through things gradually and told that I would eventually find the path to something that I could stick to and that would reveal life to me. As a young girl, woman and now almost a senior citizen, I am still moving my way through life, one day at a time, literally.