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The Importance of Breathing & Centering

There is so much to do and feel in this world that it can sometimes be most difficult to pause and center your breath. It’s like we are constantly running, but never getting anywhere. Many of us are looking for purpose, but realistically, most of the time we’re just running around. In this short article, I’m going to tell you why breath-centering is essential in today’s busy world.

Why Breathing and Centering? 3 Reasons Why You Should Re-Center Your Energy

Thinking about developing a consistent breathing and meditation practice? Breathing is one of the most important things you can do for your physical and mental health. Let’s take a look at three of the top reasons why you need to maintain a consistent breath-centering regime. 

  1. It Helps Us Stay Present

Breath-centering is one of the top ways to stay present. When our minds become scattered, we don’t have the energy to focus on what’s important. Awareness is the opposite of this state. Being aware requires attention and restless energy to maintain. When we aren’t paying attention to what’s going on in our lives, it’s easy to get stuck in ruts. 

But, you don’t have to stay in a rut for long. You can always find the time to breathe and center yourself (even if it feels awkward or uncomfortable at first). 

  1. It De-Stresses

Centering your breath also de-stresses your mind and body. When we are stressed out, our body goes into overdrive, leading to physical symptoms such as headaches, stomach pain, a racing heart, and muscle pain. 

In order to help yourself calm down, try practicing a few vagus nerve breathing techniques. 

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  1. It Increases Our Awareness

Lastly, breath-centering increases our awareness. When you cultivate the habit of centering your mind, your energy and thoughts become clearer leading to a more focused and joyful day. 

With the hustle and bustle of modern-day life, it’s now more important than ever before to make sure that you are brought back into an aware state of mind to function optimally.

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