You are currently viewing NEWS: BODY IQ Life Personal Care Kit. Pre-Order now!

NEWS: BODY IQ Life Personal Care Kit. Pre-Order now!

We are so excited to announce that our BODY IQ Pelvic Disc and BODY IQ Foot Stretcher pre-order is now live! We have been gathering interest from customers for a while now and coming up with all sorts of ideas to create the best products possible for YOU.  We’re thrilled and hope you’re as excited as we are. 

Why these products in particular? What do they do to help you reach your overall wellness goals? Here are some of the key benefits of both of these great items. 

Improve Your Posture and Spine Strength with the Pelvic Disc

Pelvic Disc - Body IQ

With the BODY IQ Pelvic Disc, you will be able to a see drastic improvement in both your posture and spinal strength. By sitting on the disc, you will be able to  elongate the spine comfortably to reverse the negative effects of dowager’s hump and other backache issues from day-to-day activity.

As our society moves forward in the digital era, it’s important now more than ever to make sure we are taking care of our spine and neck area to continue having a full range of motion and optimal mobility. 

Show Your Feet Some Care with the Foot Stretcher

Your feet are the most important part of your body when it comes to balance — not to mention they are taking the brunt of the impact every time you run, jump, climb, or move. It’s no surprise that foot pain ranks among the top most common types of pain in the world.

With the BODY IQ Foot Stretcher, you can bring back the full range of motion in your foot by doing daily foot stretches. By doing so, you can bring back the pep in your step that allows you to do your favorite things like going on long hikes or taking a yoga class.

Foot Stretcher - Body IQ

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Also, be sure to Join us in 2022 on our YouTube channel to get a tutorial on how to use these wonderful products. Now is the time. Get in line, and get your BODY IQ Pelvic Disc and BODY IQ Foot Stetcher here. ⬇️

Also Available: BODY IQ Small Ball Kit

Body IQ Small Ball Kit