Her Story

Janine Galati Naccarato, LMT, Owner/Founder/Teacher & Student of Life

Janine is a second generation, Romana trained & certified Pilates Teacher and a graduate of Temple University School of Public Health. She dedicated her career path to discovering and developing methods which focus on non-surgical intervention for self healing and self realization.   Her hands on approach and skill set in the areas of orthopedic bodywork, exercise program & design, as well as corrective exercise, shapes her unique approach in her studio for  clients at BODY IQ® Life Wellness Boutique.  @BodyIQGirl is her public profile on social media which represents her brand and is available to answer your health/wellness questions.

During her years as a ballet dancer, Janine recognized the importance of hands on, non-surgical intervention as a therapeutic tool for self healing; the importance of optimal body alignment for injury prevention, as well as, the power of energy balancing between mind and body.  At Temple University, she crafted her degree to include dance, athletic training, exercise physiology & nutritional wellness. Her post graduate studies include: Yoga training in India with Sri Pattabhi Jois, various forms of massage & body therapeutics that included studies with Master teachers from The Rolfing Institute and more.

The focus of her work is mind-body education through mindful exercise that speaks to the needs of body, mind & spirit. Her wholistic approach and hands on skill set; knowledge of the body and vision helps people discover and/or restore mind-body wellness.  BODY IQ® is a Federal Registered Trademark by Janine here in the US  since 1998 and her life long work of whole body movement theory and practice. 

“Movement is thought in motion. Your Body IQ is the expression of how well you put your thoughts into motion. . . It is a place from which higher thought can evolve.” – J. Galati 1998

Her Philosophy

Mind-Body Paradigm

Exercise methods such as Pilates & Yoga are so popular today because of what these mind-body exercise methods teach us about the power of the mind to move and heal the body.  BODY IQ® Life is dedicated to helping individuals develop and create life changing strategies for building a healthy body, mind & spirit. This approach includes regular mindful exercise, body therapy like massage to flush out toxins and restore muscle balance, as well as, sustainable meal planning.  When you move your body in a mindful way and are mindful about what you put into your body, so many possibilities become available to you for creating wellness, including reshaping thought to achieve true connectivity to your life.  

When you feel better a whole new world of possibilities becomes available for you to achieve the best you possible.

Through her program at BODY IQ® Life, Janine offers you a whole body approach to wellness which can help change and reshape the way you think and feel about exercise and your body.  Using the original intentions of creator Joseph H. Pilates as a guide, Yoga and other body therapies, along with sustainable eating strategies; her program will inspire and motivate you to ask questions and open yourself to new ideas and information for creating wellness.  The studio welcomes clients of all ages and fitness levels. We look forward to providing healthy lifestyle solutions to you make everyday better.

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Spiritual Ecology

The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle is a moral, spiritual and global imperative.  Industrialization & automation have become the social & political thrust of a people who desperately seek change without fully understanding how to achieve it.  Automation has distanced us from nature.   Intelligence and how we gain access to its power, is intricately linked to our birth right and to our ability to articulate and express ourselves fully mind, body & spirit.  

It is a documented, scientific fact that regular exercise which is rigorous, engages all the senses and include repetitive motion will strengthen the body, as well as the mind and lift your spirit.