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Water has the power to wash away and transform.  It permeates and cleanses.  Its properties are ubiquitous and life sustaining. Water is the universal fabric that links all things living on this planet. It is the bloodline of the earth and all its inhabitants.  The power of water to create and destroy is limitless; and its power to heal is natures gift.  Our ability to recognize its spiritual power in life, birth and death leaves us humbled to its nature.

Physical touch is governed by the properties of water and its ability to flow. The strength of water is its ability to flow and move energy, opening blockages and jump starting our nervous system; inspiring recovery and optimizing the effects of aging. Every cell in our body is linked by water.  Its flow is directly related to your present state of  health & wellness.

Therapeutic Massage, Myofascial Release & Myofascial Stretching, as well as, Cranial-Sacral Therapy; wonderful options for you to explore.  These therapeutic modalities will help you detoxify your tissue, revive fluid flow and enliven you mind, body & spirit.

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Body IQ® Ortho Stretch®

Want to add tone to your tone?

Discover the Benefits of Body IQ® Ortho Stretch® Sessions

  • Body IQ® Life, dedicated to enhancing your physical wellness through expert-led, hands-on, stretching service.
  • Body IQ® Ortho Stretch® Sessions are tailored to meet the unique needs of your body, promoting better mobility, pain relief, and overall well-being.

What are Body IQ® Ortho Stretch® Sessions?
60 to 90-minute sessions are designed for those seeking professional assistance to ease tight muscles and improve joint mobility and functionality.

Fully clothed, you relax on a massage table while a practitioner conducts a thorough assessment to identify areas needing attention, provides hands-on myofascial stretching and provides a at home routine to help you improve your progress from your session time.

Benefits of Ortho Stretch Sessions:

  • Increased Flexibility – Enhance your body’s range of motion and flexibility through professional stretching.
  • Increase blood flow for quick recovery from sports play.
  • Relief from discomfort.
  • Reduce pain from stiff muscles and joints, helping you move more freely.
  • Increase lymphatic flow.
  • Better Posture and Balance – Improve your body alignment and stability.
  • Improved balance and agility.

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