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4 Ways to Create a Spa Oasis At Home — On a Budget

As you begin to explore the world of spa at home, you will discover that you can make your bath more luxurious by using a few simple items. These items can be found at your local grocery or department store, and most are inexpensive. The following are four ways to create a spa oasis at home, on a budget.

4 Ways to Make a Spa Oasis At Home

When you want to disconnect from the grind for some personal relaxation, it’s not necessary to head out the door. It is possible to create a home spa experience that will leave you feeling like you’ve spent a day at a high-end retreat — on a budget. You can incorporate many of the elements that make up a spa experience at home. You just need to know where to look for the affordable items that bring those feelings home. 

So dim the lights, and let’s get started!

  1. Find Your Spa Care Items

First things first, you will want to find your spa care items before getting in the tub. Our favorite spa items are:

Remember, this time is all about you so if you  want to pluck your eyebrows during your spa time, bring your tweezers! If you want to get the dead skin off your feet, bring a foot file! No one is here to raise an eyebrow at  how you decide to spend your time at “el spa en casa”. 

  1. Draw a Bath

Incorporate aromatherapy into your bath by adding some essential oils to your bathwater. You can make very inexpensive versions of high-end body care products in minutes by adding just a couple of drops of essential oils to some body lotion or even olive oil. Focus on one scent per bath such as lavender or bergamot for best results.

  1. Set the Mood

Turn down the lights and play some soothing music. It’s important to unwind when you’re relaxing, so leave all your electronics outside of the bathroom door before you start filling up the tub with water! The better you do that than to be tempted to look at your phone. 

  1. Relax

There is no specific amount of time that you need to spend at your spa. Just take all the time you need to reset and feel yourself again. You can use this time to reflect or to even catch up on some personal self-care things like shaving your legs. Let this be a moment you dedicate to yourself and don’t let anything outside the door of your oasis hinder your experience. 

Experience Serenity with Self-Care

As you can tell, these four methods of creating a home spa are simple and inexpensive. There is nothing more valuable than the ability to unwind from the day and let go of all the worries and problems that surround you. From aromatherapy to face masks, there surely is a way for everyone to experience the luxury of a mini spa right in their own homes.

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