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What we do…

Your present state of health & wellness depends solely on how committed you are to making small lifestyle changes  which will lead you to live a healthy, sustainable life. Our role is to supply you with the right tools and be your guide for this journey.

The Studio offers personalized, private and small group session time by appointment, in studio and online for your convenience. THE STARTER PACKAGE is a great way to get to know our brand. Our studio services and boutique signature products are now available for purchase online to help you succeed in your wellness journey.  Always evolving and always bringing you unique products & services to enhance your experience and bring beauty to your life.


Shop our online boutique, which features our signature products now available for purchase to help you succeed in our journey with us.  Always evolving and always bringing you unique products to enhance your experience and bring beauty to your life.

Become a member of Body IQ Life and receive Seasonal Exercise Prescriptions to help you stay motivated and fit, healthy eating coaching for anti aging and memory boosting, as well as, ideas for best ways to maintain healthy posture, injury prevention and brain hacking strategies for improving health and more…



Log in and exercise with us…Exercise that is regular, patterned and sustained over a duration of a minimum of 30 minutes has the power to shape our biology and give us unlimited health potential.

About Our Programs

How We Do It

Mind-Body Exercise has become so popular today because of what these  methods teach us about the power of the mind to influence, move and heal the body.  Body IQ Life is dedicated to helping you develop and create life changing strategies for building a healthier you. Our wholistic approach includes personalized programming for exercise, tools for stress management; guidelines for developing sustainable eating strategies, and other body therapies to help restore muscle balance.

A little about Janine

Janine is a second generation, Romana trained & Certified Pilates Teacher. She has spent the last 40 years honing her skills in the areas of exercise program & design; corrective exercise and complimentary therapy practices. Her philosophy of whole body learning is unique to her teaching style that she offers to both clients and teachers in training.  

Join me on the journey of healthy living.

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